Beauman the Live Sound Engineer

My role with Encore Global

In Encore I operate Live Sound, Lights, and Video for events at large venues like Santa Clara Convention Center. I also engage directly with clients to provide the best event possible.

I often design audio layouts with sends to "FoH speakers", sends to "Delay speakers", sends to "Lobby speakers", sends to Camera, sends to livestream, sends to 'Zoom call'- each requiring their own audio design.

For audio sources it's common to use 6-12 condenser podium and lavalier microphones simultaneously, which would be a hellish feedback scenario without my years of experience. Video/Laptop sources, livestream sources are a breeze to setup.

My role with Menlo Church

At Menlo Church I am a Live Sound engineer for the 11 piece band: 5 vocalists, drumset, piano, violin, cello, two acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass guitar, and 4 layers of Ableton backing tracks. I am responsible for troubleshooting the Yamaha CL5, Rio Dante routing, the Aviom IEM devices, the Ableton projects, and doing inventory of the studio.

I'm also the Music Director responsible for arranging the band to the best result, often things like developing a crescendo, developing chord voicings between the guitars and piano, or developing drum grooves.

I also provide audio engineering for post production and video production projects like sound design, dialogue editing, sermons, filming activities on location.

I often program and operate lights and video, because I can! I use their music studio for my own personal projects.


Berklee College of Music BFA Degree

Dante Certification Level 1