Beauman the Game Audio Designer

My role in 'Eagle One'

I am co-founder and audio designer of Eagle One; An online game studio for Source 2 games: I onboarded 8 audio designers, 7 voice actors, and assisted team growth to 70+. I reverse-engineered the Source 2 audio engine before its public release and made a video tutorial series to support the team. I host recording sessions and QA play testing sessions, and coordinate features across disciplines, and assisted in our community Winter Jambox 2021 game jam.

Releases: Runway, and Dam Part 3; as Audio Lead: I produced the OST, sound design, audio implementation, dialogue, and I wrote the storyboards and script, and hired VA.

Stats: 43,000 unique players, 600,000+ Youtube views, 141 Community Awards.

Other Eagle One projects: Speed Dial, Gr& Prix, Terry Squat Simulator, MiniGolf Chateau, Manor, Sky Fortress,

Reel: Designing the Dialogue for Runway

Sound Redesign: Elden Ring 'Ancient Death Rancor'

Sound Redesign: Beast Claw Magic

Sound Design: Unreal Engine Waterfall

Game OST Reel: Runway

My Software Toolkit

DAW: Reaper, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live

Audio Software: Izotope RX suite, Melda Production, Kontakt 5, NI Factory... many unlisted

Implementation: Wwise, Fmod, UE4, Unity, Source2, MaxMSP, Github

Video: OBS, Davinci Resolve,

Notation: Guitar Pro 7, Finale,

My Hardware Toolkit

Computers: "Macbook 2021, CPU M1 Pro" "PC Desktop 2020, CPU Ryzen 6, GPU GeForce GTX 3060"

Playback: Yamaha HS8 monitors, Audio Technica ATH-M50x headphones, Oculus Rift S VR Headset,

Microphones: AKG C214, Tascam DR-40 Field Recorder, SM57, AKG P170, MXL 603S,

Audio Interfaces: Scarlett 18i20, UMC404,

Other: BOSS ME-80... many unlisted

Game Audio Testimonials:

"Beauman made amazingly appropriate theme music that had play testers humming along."

-Jonathan Daar, game designer for Bird View Burger Barn

"Beauman captured the essence of the my music and flawlessly expanded it."

-Niko Korolog, game and TV composer

Praise from Valve News Network 'Tyler McVicker' on the Runway Release Party Twitch Stream