Beauman the Educator

My own background of Berklee College of Music includes master educators like Victor Wooten, Michael Sweet, Akash Thakkar and David Newsam- all at the top of their fields.

I have availability for new students! I teach these fields:

I teach instrumental excellence on Guitar, Bass, Drum Kit,

I teach beginner musicianship on all instruments including; Ukulele, Harmonica, Voice,

I teach Music Theory, Composition, and Improvisation (Jazz or other).

I teach Logic Pro Music Production.

I counsel preparation for college auditions

"I have a newfound appreciation of my musical journey and I am so thankful for Beauman to guide my own path of creativity- his insight was profound to reach my goals. He's an absolute pleasure and I've never been more grateful towards a teacher."

-Andrew Krzeptowski, a student of Bass guitar and Logic Pro Music Production

"Beauman single-handedly saved my business! He took on extra lessons for all instruments with no notice and saved dozens of students that we were about to lose."

-Erick Recher, the business manager of School of Rock

"Beauman is very ambitious while also down to Earth in his methods."

-Cullen Blaine, CSMA Music Teacher Coordinator

A Musical Biolo-"jist!" (WIP)

This educational podcast is a sight-seeing journey through the intellect of a biologist and blended with metaphors by a musical and aesthetic perspective. So much harmony in the world of biology goes under-appreciated because science is a careful language, but a musical perspective embellishes how the harmonic mechanisms of cell biology bring nature to our daily lives. Episode 1 is about the gene P53 for its self-destruct purpose and its role in cancer research.

In the spirit of education; I create videos for non-audio topics as well, to demonstrate that learning is wonderful in any topic